Meet Donecia...

My name is Donecia Abate (pronounced DAU-KNEE-SEE-YA) hailing from the world class city of Houston, TX, and I am a double HBCU graduate. I received my Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management from The Illustrious Tuskegee University. I then went on to obtain a Masters in Business Administration from The Great Prairie View A&M University. Being able to obtain my collegiate education at two HBCUs really inspired me to become passionate about illuminating how HBCUs have been a pillar in the black community. The campus of Tuskegee University was the first place that I ever felt I could be unapologetically black. Here I wasn’t a minority because everyone looked like me. It became my home. I will forever be indebted to Mother Tuskegee and all that she has given me. 

As other HBCU graduates do, I love showing off my Tuskegee & Prairie View pride! Considering my artistic talents, passion for fashion, and business savvy, I knew I needed to provide my fellow black culture enthusiast with the DRIP. So here I am, creating something new and fresh other than what you typically see on the market! So subscribe to see what I come up with next for the culture!